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The art of computer science.

This is the start of a project that I have been wanted to do for a long time.

This is a digital Dance piece based Computer Science theory. During practice session data will be taken from the way the dancers move. This data will be used for the display projected behind the dances.

The project will use technology found in the home. This is to show the audience what their home devices can do and that computer science is not the just domain of experts. I want to show what is possible with kit found at home. During the whole project I will be releasing data (via GitHub) so that any one can create their own digital dance.

I am really excited as this merges my two passions dance and technology. I attended dancing school when I was younger until I had my first spinal fusion. That kind of put a dampener on any dance ambitions.


The timescale for the live performance is spring 2014. I will be live broadcasting the performance. During the run up to the live performance there will be 1-2 data hack events (near xmas)for people to attend and messy around with the data that we have gathered so far.

All comments and advice most welcome.


This is a month long festival that opened September 2nd with the most amazing interactive digital fireworks display that I have ever seen. Truly amazing experience from pixelpyros @seb-ly. Check out the # for pictures and videos of the event.



I am involved in 2 events: one of which I am running.

The first one is Mini Maker Faire Get into Coding! I will be running a Greenfoot workshop alongside Donna Pratty and the fantastic @twistedsq Aka Neil Brown from University of Kent.

The all day event is taking place inside the beautiful Corn Exchange. It is is a “hall of excitement and fun” for everyone. Makers range from tech gadgets to knitting to raspberryPi. I can’t wait for all the noise and buzz of what will be yet another amazing maker Faire.

Event number 2

Saturday 22 September 12-4pm at Lighthouse During the day there will be a series of workshops to go from noobie to pro. Already know how to code then jump right into one of the four main hacks happening on the day. Scratch animation, Mobile App Development, Websites and Greenfoot Gaming.